Why PREMIERE instead of a big box agency? Let us count the ways.

As you can see, there’s a lot to like about PREMIERE. But how does it compare to those big box brokerages?

1 – More money.

With low fees and a generous commission structure, we ensure that there is more money in your pocket on every transaction. And by providing lead generation strategies and marketing support, you’re booking more transactions each year. That’s a win-win formula for success.

2 – More time.

By providing transaction management and taking on the tasks that don’t generate revenue, we free you up to do — well, whatever you want to. Maybe you want to spend that time at networking opportunities to bring in more clients. Maybe you’ve always wanted to hold a leadership position at the local or state association. Maybe you want to spend more time with your family or volunteering in your community. It’s all possible, without a drop in your pay and without letting anything fall through the cracks.

3 – More support.

Whether it’s marketing or management, we offer the support you need to do more and do it better and more efficiently. At the big box brokerage, you’re just a number. With us? You’re part of a team that is set up to make you as successful as possible.

4 – More growth.

When you’re making more money and taking advantage of the training, support, and marketing resources we provide, you’re sure to see your business grow by leaps and bounds. Why try to go it alone? Leverage the power of our stellar team, technology, and proven processes to explode your personal and professional growth.

5 – More YOU!

At PREMIERE, we’re not selling ourselves. We’re helping you sell yourself. We know that our success is dependent on your success, so we set you up with everything you need to build your personal brand. We never forget that clients choose agents, not logos, so we’re here to make you look good.

There really is a difference between your current brokerage and an independent brokerage like PREMIERE. If you are interested in building or growing your real estate career in the Triad or Charlotte, we’re the brokerage you’ve been looking for. And with plans for Alamance/Burlington, Raleigh, and Asheville coming up, you’ll soon be able to take your brand statewide and build a team as big as your dreams.

Whether you are deciding where to start out your career or thinking of making a change from your current, expensive, big-name brokerage, we’re here to talk with you about the advantages of a PREMIERE career. Contact us today and let’s begin building your extraordinary real estate career here.