As a real estate brokerage that provides phenomenal commission splits, transaction coordination services, and even built-in lead generation applications, PREMIERE allows their agents to enjoy newfound freedoms to gain more clients, close more deals, make more money or spend more time with family.

YOU earned it!

Most of the real estate agents with PREMIERE take home 85% of each deal they close.  We believe that being an agent is hard work and that their compensation should reflect that fact.   Unlike most of the other real estate firms or franchises, we don’t believe in stressing out our agents with annual resets, ‘paying up’ to get to a better split or charging them for training and education that should already be provided to their agents from the firm. We believe in making sure the agent gets paid first… not the firm.

Not only do our agents make more money… we include transaction coordination services, equip them with amazing technology, create their own websites and marketing plan,  and provide them with continuous support and coaching to ensure they are successful, growing and experiencing freedoms like never before!

85% Commission Splits!


NO Annual Resets!

Services Provided to Agents


Instead of handing over huge commission splits to sustain a big brand’s advertising, company office, franchise fees and other overhead, work with an independent brokerage that is focused on you — your goals and your growth. When you work with PREMIERE, you’ll find that the emphasis is on generating leads, training you to convert them, and supporting you with premium technology, systems, and processes so that you can build both your business and personal financial picture.

Give yourself a RAISE!

PREMIERE Agents at the 85% commission rate will take home an average of $24,000 more than agents at other brokerages… after only 20 transactions!  Best of all, you can say bye-bye to caps, paying up for better splits, royalty fees, and dreaded anniversary dates.  This commission split won’t reset or start over… ever.

An Extra $24,000

  • Downpayment on a new home?
  • Buy yourself a new car?
  • Start a college savings account?
  • Take the family on an amazing vacation?
  • Hire an Assistant to help you expand your business?

Frequently Asked Questions

HOW DO I GET TO 85% COMMISSION SPLITS?2019-01-19T08:35:06-05:00

Good news… you may already be there!  It’s a very simple process to be eligible to receive the 85% commission splits.

All agents that come to PREMIERE are initially on a 65/35% split unless they have the following:

  • At least 5 transactions closed (historically speaking – doesn’t matter how long it took to close them)
  • Completed Post-licensing requirements and no longer a Provisional-broker

Accomplishing either one of the aforementioned items gets you another 10% for your commission split.  If you have already achieved both, then that is a total of 20% more… meaning you will get the 85/15 commission splits.

Best of all, once you’re at the 85/15% level… you won’t ever reset.  You’re done.

Why do we do this?

We want to ensure that our agents have the proper knowledge and training to complete relevant contracts and other documents that go along with completing most transactions.  Also, we want to be sure that compliance to state licensing laws are always being adhered to and that clients are getting the highest levels of professionalism and advocacy.  This requires a higher level of support with increased attention and guidance from our staff.  We are happy to provide that to all of our agents, but we have to account for the costs of those personnel as well.

WHY US AND NOT A BIG NAME BRAND?2019-01-18T15:43:48-05:00

Don’t get us wrong, there are a lot of good brokerages out there. They all offer something different and emphasize one particular area over another as a draw to their brokerage.

However, PREMIERE is different than almost all of them. We are unique in that our brokerage was built to leverage the strengths and original goals of agents before they even became an agent. Two of the most difficult responsibilities for any good real estate agent is Lead Generation and Transaction Coordination. Unfortunately, these two areas alone are the top reasons that 70% of agents will fail within their first 2 years of being in the business.

At PREMIERE, agents are provided with lead generation strategies and even hot leads ready to buy or sell a house! Equally important, after offers have been accepted and contracts are pending, PREMIERE will provide transaction coordination processes to ensure that clients experience a smooth closing and checks are cut to agent promptly.

By equipping each agent with a team to help them with lead generation and transaction coordination services, we believe it will allow agents to spend more time meeting more people and closing more deals… increasing the likelihood of success and preventing them from giving up on their dreams of being a real estate agent!

WHAT LOCATIONS DO YOU COVER?2019-01-18T15:41:16-05:00

We currently cover the entire Triad (Greensboro, Winston Salem, High Point, Asheboro) and have just expanded to Raleigh (Triangle) MLS as well as Charlotte, NC!  Plans are in place to expand to Alamance/Burlington, Wilmington and Asheville this year as well.


PREMIERE does everything it can to keep overhead costs low. Emphasizing the use of great technology to communicate, leveraging of online training partners, and encouraging agents to spend more time ‘in the field’ or working from home instead of in an office dramatically reduces the costs associated with having numerous physical offices and wasted time traveling for meetings. Because of this, PREMIERE is able to offer a commission program to agents that allows them to keep more money on every transaction they close!  Best of all… no annual reset, no multi-tier production requirements, no more scrambling to recover what you already earned before your ‘anniversary date’!    Part-time agent…. Full-time agent… it doesn’t matter.

HOW MUCH CAN I MAKE?2019-01-18T15:38:44-05:00

It’s up to you! The amount of money you make will depend on how hard you want to work. We are here to help build your business, but YOU will decide on what you want to put in to become successful.  Part-time agents can make $30,000 – $50,000 per year and our full-time or more seasoned agents can average $100,000-$250,000 or even much more.  Again, it’s up to you!


Our goal is to keep things inexpensive, easy and fair for agents. The technology, systems and personnel to support our team members is not cheap. Fortunately, we are still able to provide these services at a very small investment from each of our agents. We charge the following to our team members:

On-boarding Fee: $300 (one-time)

Covers initial costs for business cards, presentation folders, e-signature application, email, agent website, etc – everything you need to start closing deals right away.

Firm Fee: $100 (monthly)

Covers some of the costs affiliated with the personnel that support the agents as well as the ongoing systems,  training program, coaching sessions, marketing and new ways of branding the agent.

CAN I USE THE COMPANY OFFICES?2018-07-19T15:05:18-04:00

Of course! Offices, desks, conference rooms, copier/printer and coffee to keep you moving are all at your disposal. That said, we don’t require you to be in the office and even encourage the use of our virtual offices by using our technology and tools to make and keep you productive and successful. We can do almost everything online nowadays.

WHAT TECHNOLOGY DO YOU USE?2018-07-19T15:04:48-04:00

We have spent the past year reviewing and testing the very best products in the industry… and this will always be the case at PREMIERE. We are dedicated to equipping our agents with tools and systems that will give them an advantage and opportunity to better serve clients and close more business. We use a variety of different platforms and provide the necessary training to ensure that each agent is comfortable using them.


Attitude – If you think and want to succeed as a real estate agent… we can help you get there. In fact, we’re confident that we have built a brokerage that can do so faster than any other firm in the industry!

Teamwork – It takes a village! Seriously, while our brokerage is definitely built for agents that want to work independently, there are also plenty of opportunities to be a mentor and help others too. We provide one-on-one support to all of our agents, but we also encourage our more seasoned agents to assist colleagues with tough client questions, role playing, or general guidance… especially those that are just starting out.

Quality – We want our agents to take pride in what they do. This means that they put the time in to stay current with the industry, areas they serve and continuously educate themselves to provide the highest level of service possible as an agent to clients buying or selling homes.

Entrepreneurial – Feedback from our agents is not only appreciated… it’s encouraged! While we believe that we have the best technology, people and processes in place for our agents… there are always ways to improve. We encourage new ideas and ways of making our company better in every way.

Tech savvy – Our company uses technology… and a lot of it. Good news for our agents though is that most of it is running behind the scenes and they won’t have to interact with most of it. That being said, there are still a few applications that we provide to agents to make them more successful in their day-to-day activities. Having a baseline understanding of computers and smartphone apps will make the on-boarding process much easier.

Accountable – We don’t impose quotas on our agents… some want to do it part-time… others want to make it a full-time career make a lot of money. We do, however, provide coaching and mentoring to ensure that agents are getting the proper training, guidance and support to achieve their desired goals. Instead, our primary focus… when it comes to accountability… is that our agents are always operating ethically, morally and professionally when working with clients. We want to ensure that our firm is being represented well and that clients have the best experience possible when buying or selling their homes.

Agent Testimonials

“I have been in the real estate business for over 20 years. I made the switch to PREMIERE for a number of reasons, but the primary one was because of opportunities to be a part of something that was new and different. The leadership and administrative staff is top-notch and I could not be happier. They do so much for the agents and are truly concerned with their success… even more than their own! Great move for me. ”

Philip Jeffries, REALTOR®, Broker, PREMIERE Realty

“I originally signed up with one of the larger real estate franchises that offered a lot of training and programs. After almost a year, it just wasn’t working and I decided to join PREMIERE. In less than two months, I have learned more than the previous year and have more activity than the previous 10 months combined! Best of all, I just listed my first property for $1.6mil and the firm was there to help me the entire way. Best decision I made so far was joining this organization. ”

Hayworth Lemonds, REALTOR®, PREMIERE Realty

“The benefits of the technology, people and processes that are provided by PREMIERE to their agents is realized immediately. In my first 3 months at PREMIERE, I had more activity than the previous year I spent at another firm!  I closed four contracts and had several more under contract after going through the awesome training they provide.  I am excited to be a part of this organization and finally feel confident that I will hit my goals as a real estate professional.””

Lee Childress, REALTOR®, Broker, PREMIERE Realty

“PREMIERE was created to make agents successful.  They have built and provide a platform that allows any agent to step on board and soar!  If you have the drive, you will succeed with PREMIERE.  When you join this firm, you join a family.  We all want each other to succeed and we never stop learning stop learning and growing together to make that happen. No other company provides you with tools already in place to organize and promote your business like PREMIERE.”

Aprill Smith, REALTOR®, PREMIERE Realty

“As a veteran real estate agent that has worked at several of the biggest brokerages in the nation, I can absolutely say that PREMIERE is different and built from the ground up for agents… to make ‘them’ successful… and not to line pockets of a franchise.  The training, support and technology is the best out there.  There is no better opportunity for an agent to be successful than at PREMIERE.”

Michele Smith, REALTOR®, Broker in Charge, PREMIERE Realty


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