We provide the tools, resources, and leadership within our proven framework to create top-earning agents

How PREMIERE Creates Top-Earning Agents 

A Proven, Constantly-
Evolving Formula 

We’ve built, tested, and continuously refined our brokerage framework to provide agents with qualified leads and all the resources they need to exceed expectations. No matter what your career goals look like, you’ll find success at PREMIERE.


PREMIERE has a footprint that stretches across the country – and we’re looking for motivated agents to grow our team. With leadership and mentorship opportunities, agents have limitless personal and professional growth potential. 

Make More Money – Plus Additional Streams of Income

At the heart of our strategy is an agent-centric culture, backed by a rewarding commission structure that puts agents first. We offer revenue-sharing and exclusive Member Equity opportunities designed to boost your financial goals. Thrive in a rewarding environment focused on your growth and prosperity.

A Word from Dave Keener

The CEO & President of PREMIERE

What Qualities Define a “PREMIERE” Agent?

Our PAGE principles form the foundation of PREMIERE’s leadership and members looking to succeed – both in real estate and in life. By continuously embodying these qualities, we will strive to achieve collective success.


We’ve built the PREMIERE culture to create a supportive environment for agents to grow – without office politics. This requires everyone to be reliable and trustworthy.


PREMIERE holds our team to a high standard of honesty and transparency. Our agents are expected to do the right thing, no matter what.


We’re looking for agents with a drive to become the best they can be and possess a mindset that never settles, takes shortcuts, or does anything with a half heart.


Our company culture is all about giving back. We look out for our own - and make it a point to support the community’s homeless shelters, food pantries, and the disadvantaged.

oin the heart and soul of real estate success with PREMIERE. Where collaboration fuels creativity, and partnerships propel growth. Let’s lead you to new heights in your real estate career.

Charity Pagano

Managing Director

Meet PREMIERE's Leadership

Our team leaders are here to help you grow professionally and take your career to new heights.

PREMIERE’s Technology Suite

We take no shortcuts and cut no corners in providing our agents with the industry’s best tools and technologies.

Resources Provided at PREMIERE

Leads Certification to Elevate Your Career

Transform your real estate journey with our exclusive Leads Certification Programs. Designed to empower your success, these programs offer comprehensive training in lead generation, communication skills, and conversion strategies. Unlock your full potential and excel in the competitive real estate market.

Multiple layers of Support

PREMIERE is committed to providing you the support you need to succeed by providing access to local and national team leaders to help you close more deals and answer your questions quickly when needed.

Effortless Transaction Management

Our agents receive efficient and hassle-free transaction coordination support services at their fingertips. Available five days a week for smooth, timely payouts. Experience total transparency and convenience with our 24-hour app, simplifying your real estate deals.

Professional Coaching and Training

Transform your real estate career with PREMIERE's exclusive Coaching and Training. Our top-tier resources, including the versatile PREMIERE Campus E-Series, cater to your professional needs, offering both LIVE and ONLINE learning. This comprehensive support accelerates your journey towards significant personal and financial achievements, ensuring you stand out in the competitive real estate market.

Internal Referral Network

Join a vibrant community of PREMIERE agents and leverage our unique Internal Referral Network. Benefit from a generous referral system with up to 25% commission and no team splits. Collaborate and connect on platforms like Workplace and Facebook, enhancing your business through shared opportunities and support within the PREMIERE family.

   o other team in the world gives back as much as PREMIERE. Our culture and community are the lifeblood of our team.  Even brokerages that offer 100% commissions cannot compete with what we already provide and most of them are not willing to make their agents OWNERS.

David Keener

CEO, President

The PREMIERE Footprint

Our presence stretches from coast to coast. PREMIERE currently covers 38 markets across 20 states and growing.


Our Shared Wealth Model

When you join our team, you can choose between two member levels. 

Each level includes participation in our equity and retirement programs, revenue sharing and stock programs.

When you join our team, you can choose between two member levels. 

Each level includes participation in our equity and retirement programs, revenue sharing and stock programs.


This is for those who have closed less than 6 transactions in the last 12 months.

( 10% Mentor Fee Applies )


This is for agents who have closed more than 6 transactions in the last 12 months

(PREMIERE pays REAL cap for Partners)

Sr. Partner Level

Agents who cap with the team by paying in 20k within one year OR anyone that comes to the team with over 80k GCI in the past year.

Bottom line, our team splits and revenue opportunities cannot be matched anywhere!

Our goal is for all our team members to make MORE than 100% Commission.

Additional Income Opportunities

Our team leaders are here to help you grow professionally and take your career to new heights.

Revenue Sharing

Earn additional income through a unique revenue-sharing program.

Equity Program

PREMIERE is a Member-Owned and Operated Firm. Agents can be awarded equity ownership.

Mentorship Program

Earn 10% of your protégé’s commission by teaching new  agents how to close deals.

Stock Options

Agents may acquire stock up to 10% of their commissions with bonus stock awards available.

Leadership Incentives

Earn 10% of PREMIERE’s gross profit on your local team’s production.

Additional Income Opportunities

Our team leaders are here to help you grow professionally and take your career to new heights.

Our agents love being with PREMIERE. Here’s why.

High-End Marketing Materials

Our agents have access to an ever-expanding library of professionally designed, branded marketing assets to promote themselves and their listings the right way. You can access newsletters, video content, web assets, buyer guides, and more.

PREMIERE Group Summit 2024 | Nashville, TN

The PREMIERE summit brought together top industry leaders, agents, and partners 

for three days of innovation, education, and networking.

PREMIERE Group Summit 2024 | Nashville, TN
PREMIERE Group Summit 2024 | Nashville, TN

Frequently Asked


Yes, we offer a nationwide lead platform. Our real estate ISAs, backed by AI technology, efficiently manage and qualify leads, providing you with daily hot leads. This allows you to focus on serving your clients effectively.

When you join our team, you benefit from our generous commission splits. There are two member levels depending on your production over the last 12 months. Each level includes participation in our equity and retirement programs, revenue sharing, and stock programs.
For specific details, please schedule a call with us today. 

Yes, we offer a transaction coordination service that ensures seamless, timely payouts, available five days a week. Our service includes a 24-hour user-friendly app for transparency and efficiency, saving you time and money.

Yes, we do. You will have access to continuous training, coaching, and leadership support.

Yes. we accept both full-time and part-time agents to join our team.

When you attract new agents to PREMIERE, and those agents begin their own journey to success, you, as the sponsoring agent, share a percentage of revenue from your recruits’ closings, creating a lucrative additional income stream.

Successful agents earn the opportunity to invest in a part of Real (REAX) and earn stock rewards. Stock options are available at a 10% discount* so that agents can grow their wealth and business.


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John Glynn
Director of Business Growth & Development

John works with all Leadership Staff to ensure overall support & growth of all aspects of the PREMIERE Group. He focuses on four key primary areas: recruiting, retention & support, coaching & mentoring, and commitment, culture & community. With his enthusiasm and drive, he is equipped to take on these essential roles and has utilized his expertise in weekly and monthly decisions with marketing, operations, education and expansion. Additionally, John oversees training and educations for Regional Directors, Team Leaders, Partners & Associates across the company. His devoted leadership has proven essential in developing successful structures and systems for growth as well as for team building within the company.

Nancy Tran
Marketing Director

Utilizing her creative flair, Nancy creates powerful marketing materials which give agents the tools to build their own successful businesses. She also focuses on crafting exciting external marketing campaigns that engage audiences and build brand recognition, as well as innovative internal strategies for Agent retention. Her imaginative spirit not only fuels her marketing prowess, but also ensures that every project she takes on is infused with a touch of brilliance and a sprinkle of magic.

Jenn Vogel
Director of Operations

Jenn is a true real estate professional, with 8 years of experience in the industry and a Master’s degree in Accounting under her belt. She is currently the Executive Assistant to the CEO of PREMIERE and is responsible for onboarding new agents as well as overseeing transaction management and administrative tasks. Her keen eye for detail has been immensely helpful in assisting all departments, from accounting to agent services. Jenn’s fans know her best for her witty outlook on life and knack for smoothing out issues. As an added bonus, she’s also a notary!

Brittan Robbins
Director of Agent
Growth & Expansion

Meet Brittan Robbins, our dedicated Agent Services Manager at PREMIERE. With a passion for providing unparalleled support and resources, Brittan plays a pivotal role in ensuring our agents have the tools they need to thrive in the dynamic world of real estate.

Bringing a wealth of experience and a commitment to excellence, Brittan is the go-to person for our agents, offering guidance, solutions, and a helping hand at every turn. Whether it’s streamlining processes or addressing individual needs, Brittan’s focus is on elevating the agent experience and fostering success. With her at the helm of agent services, PREMIERE agents are well-equipped for a journey of growth and achievement.

David Keener
CEO, President

PREMIERE Group is a game-changing, powerhouse real estate team founded by David Keener. For 25 years, Keener has been a successful investor, entrepreneur, and founder of technology companies that have sold for a combined value of $240 million. His most recent venture into the real estate industry started less than four years ago. Today, his company has become one of the fastest-growing firms in the nation. As President and CEO, Keener has tripled the firm’s size in less than six months. Now, doing business as the PREMIERE Group at Real Broker, LLC, the team is established across 20 States – Keener plans to expand throughout North America in 2023. PREMIERE’s goal is to continue to grow its members and sales volume to $1 billion by the end of 2024.

Christy Keener
Accounting & Finance

Christy is a Licensed Broker and responsible for all things related to accounting for PREMIERE. With an eye for details, she is responsible for the financial health and stability of the firm. Whether its bookkeeping, routine reporting or balance sheets, she has been a cornerstone during our explosive growth and success for over 6 years.

Sierra Swartz
Executive Director

Sierra Swartz partnered with the PREMIERE Group in 2021 as their first Regional Director, to lead their real estate team expansion efforts in the U.S. markets. In 2022, after growing the team agent count over 800% across the U.S., she became PREMIERE’s Executive Director responsible for overseeing the Strategic Growth of the company.

PREMIERE equips agents with the tools, resources, and systems that are typically only afforded to the top producers in their markets. Sierra believes every agent should have the opportunity to make more than 100% commission. One of the ways PREMIERE assist agents in creating additional income streams is through agent attraction, and partnerships with ancillary services. Sierra creates partnerships with ancillary services such as mortgage companies, title companies, home warranty and utility companies. These partnerships provide additional income streams for the team, which ALL of their agents get to benefit from through a shared wealth model.

Before her real estate career began in 2016, she served her community as a natural leader, educator, and provider of financial services. Her prior work experience includes owning and operating Sierra Financial Group LLC, a credit restoration company, and managing multiple Financial Center locations for Fifth Third Bank.

Sierra has a passion for her community and enjoys giving back through service and education. She founded Ladies of the Lakeshore networking group, interviews and highlights local business owners on her social media platforms, and hosts monthly training classes for brokers and realtors. She currently serves as a Director on the Walden Green Montessori Board and was previously a Co-Chair on the Mary Seat of Wisdom Capital Campaign for St. Mary’s School in Spring Lake, MI, which raised funds for a new school building project.
Growing up in a small town in Michigan has fostered a love for the outdoors for Sierra. She enjoys golfing, boating, fishing, snowboarding, and trail riding, along with her husband and two children.

Charity Pagano
Director of Agent Growth & Expansion

As Director of Growth and Expansion, Charity is an integral part of PREMIERE’s growth. She uses her extensive experience and expertise to identify new opportunities and relationships, while driving positive and sustainable growth that aligns with PREMIERE’s mission. With a unique combination of creativity, business acumen and strategic planning, she is a co-owner of PREMIERE Group – leveraging her hard-earned success to help others succeed.

Cherri Harrell
Education & Training

Cherri Harrell is on a mission to empower every member of the PREMIERE community, from seasoned Team Leaders to Associates taking their first steps in the real estate world. Cherri is dedicated to ensuring that education becomes a cornerstone of success for all.

Beyond overseeing the Mentoring Program, Cherri is spearheading the Mentor Program, designed to centralize the fundamentals of being an agent. Her commitment lies in crafting a comprehensive program that caters to the diverse needs of our dynamic PREMIERE community. Cherri Harrell is not just shaping education; she’s shaping success stories.

Denise Dooley Bailey
Director of Ancillary Services

With over three decades in real estate, Denise Dooley Bailey is the Director of Ancillary Services for PREMIERE. She leads PAGE Partners Title LLC, focusing on strategic initiatives in the real estate and title/escrow sectors. Denise ensures compliance and profitability through innovative service delivery and acts as the liaison between PREMIERE Agents and ancillary services.

Before joining PREMIERE in 2022, Denise had a long tenure at First American Title from 1989 to 2022, excelling in roles like Title Officer, Senior Escrow Officer, Branch Manager, Regional Operations Manager, and top Regional Sales Rep in Northern California. She is also a Success-Certified Coach and an AI-Certified Agent.


Meagan Daisher
Operations Manager

With over 5 years of experience in the real estate industry, excels in transaction management and onboarding. Known for her efficiency and attention to detail, Meagan has managed over 45 agents and their transactions, demonstrating her ability to handle high-pressure environments. She oversees a team of transaction coordinators, ensuring precise and compliant transaction processes. Passionate about talent development, Meagan ensures new team members are well-equipped to succeed. Her dedication to excellence and nurturing talent makes her a valuable addition to PREMIERE. Outside of work, Meagan enjoys family time, concerts, and cheering on her kids.


Tina King
U.S. Regional Director

 With decades of experience in cultivating leaders and high-performing agents, Tina King stands out as a top-producing agent and renowned Productivity Coach. A lead generation expert specializing in Sphere of Influence (SOI) for elite agents, Tina has managed some of the nation’s top real estate offices and brokerages. She also owns successful title and escrow companies generating over $1 million annually and excels in recruitment and agent attraction. Tina’s leadership consulting focuses on fostering success, work/life balance, and freedom for agents and leaders in the real estate industry.

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